Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My new Screenplay Idea

I'm getting set to write a new screenplay. It's going to be a feature. It doesn't really have a title right now, but I hope to get started on it soon. So I decided to give you an idea about what ideas I've come up with for this screenplay.

The Main 4 (2 Guys, 2 Girls)
Or (3 Girls, 1 Guy)
Or, (3 Guys, 1 Girl)

Possible names for the main 4.

Girls: Christina, Sarah, Eden, Melanie, Veronica, Chloe, Callie.
Guys: Michael, Anthony, Evan, Ethan, Toby, Charlie.

Current Story-line:

In the blink of an eye, a group of young adults find themselves waking up in what looks like an abandoned 2-story house with all the windows boarded up and the door locked. What the young adults realize is that there appears to be no accessible exit and a letter on the table in the kitchen. They're stuck in a house on top of a deep pool of water. And the house will sink slowly each passing hour unless they can find a way out. If they can't, they're doomed to drown as the house will completely submerge itself. Soon it becomes a race against time as the house begins to sink. The group must find their way out, but how?

That's what I have so far.