Tuesday, May 23, 2017

My Short Film Projects

I just wanted to inform you that it appears that I am in the midst of 3 short film projects to be taking place within the next month or so. These will be directed by me, and at least 2 of them will be acted out by me, so this is exciting.

1. The Ghostbuster - This is a short film featuring me as a Ghostbuster. This will be a non-profit fan film, and will feature special effects. Hoping to film it soon, but will not know when it will be complete due to the need for special effects and such.

2. 'Short Scene - The Park' - Pretty much what the title says. It's a short scene that takes place in a park. This will be a simple dialogue short, and should be finished quickly.

3. Gone - About a man who comes to a realization that he is having a very bad day...and that it may be the End of the World. This will also be acted by me.

Hopefully these all turn out well, and then I can have something to show you guys in the long run.

Good day,

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Completed Screenplays List - 2017

Well, I thought I'd let you know what's up with my completed screenplays list. Since the last post about this issue in early October of last year, I've added 3 new feature length screenplays since then. So here is the current list as is.

1. Dark Side Rising
2. Guardian: To Be A Hero (2 Drafts)
3. Ghostbusters 3 - Fan Script
4. The Coffin - To be produced by Tirzitis Entertainment
5. Dark Prominence - To be produced by Tirzitis Entertainment

6. End: The Shelter
7. The Company: Restructured (2 Drafts)
8. The April Fools Short (2 Drafts)
9. Wolf Virus - Produced by Tirzitis Entertainment
10. Wolf Virus: Infection

These scripts are actually mostly available to read except for The Coffin and Dark Prominence since I wrote them for a film director. I'm not sure if he'll let me let anyone to really read them. But if you're wanting to read any of them, leave me a comment here or on Facebook if that's where you came from. Or try to direct message me on Twitter if that's where you came from. Thanks.