Tuesday, January 31, 2017

My Completed Screenplays List - 2017

Well, I thought I'd let you know what's up with my completed screenplays list. Since the last post about this issue in early October of last year, I've added 3 new feature length screenplays since then. So here is the current list as is.

1. Dark Side Rising
2. Guardian: To Be A Hero (2 Drafts)
3. Ghostbusters 3 - Fan Script
4. The Coffin - To be produced by Tirzitis Entertainment
5. Dark Prominence - To be produced by Tirzitis Entertainment

6. End: The Shelter
7. The Company: Restructured (2 Drafts)
8. The April Fools Short (2 Drafts)
9. Wolf Virus - Produced by Tirzitis Entertainment
10. Wolf Virus: Infection

These scripts are actually mostly available to read except for The Coffin and Dark Prominence since I wrote them for a film director. I'm not sure if he'll let me let anyone to really read them. But if you're wanting to read any of them, leave me a comment here or on Facebook if that's where you came from. Or try to direct message me on Twitter if that's where you came from. Thanks.